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Cell Expansion Protocol Training Reviews

MI40x Fitness Program


Many people often try to find ways they can get to grow their muscles quickly. MI40x is the answer. MI40x is a fitness program for muscle building, for men and women regardless of the age. The main aim of the program is to build the maximum possible amount of muscles in a period of 40 days. The program is run by Ben Pakulski, a guru in body building. It is quite a challenging program that gives no room to the softies.

The program requires one to set aside up to 1 hour of training daily for the 40 days of the program. One is required to change how they eat and workout for the rest of their days. This is by virtue of the CEP training protocol.

CEP Training
This is a Cell Expansion Protocol training. The last set of a workout is often the most important. The last reps are the ones that call for one to exert the maximum possible effort to have the muscle stretch. The protocol forces all cells in the body into a hyper-recovery mode hence the muscles produce more recovery cells unlike in other training. This means that one gets more recovery cells on their muscles enhancing their healing process.

The MI40X is a good program regardless of their experience in workout training. It is also suitable for persons of all ages and gender. It comes in three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Those undertaking the program need to have at least dumbells and free weights. The program consists of a workout that covers every part of the body twice every week.

A guide for the dietary, detox and supplements are provided for in the program. The workout execution guide is also provided when one embarks on the muscle building process using the program.

If you are ready to take on a full muscle building process, then the MI40x program is the right one for you. It comes as a full package with information on supplementation, diet and the exercises provided. It is not only effective but also cheaper. Significant results are obtained within a short period.

MI40x Training Program Review


The Mi40x program is a comprehensive compilation of guidelines that are aimed at assisting people to achieve a muscular body. The program was designed and launched by Ben Pakulski, who is a University of Western Ontario Kinesiology Biomechanics graduate. The program is divided into the Naturals (Beginner), Graduate (Intermediate) and Pro (Advanced) splits. Ben Pakulski issues a warning that just like any other work out program, Mi40x can be dangerous due to intense exercise in some sections.

Workout sheets

Mi40x is made up of three splits as mentioned earlier. Each split represents a separate training experience and level, meaning exercise varies in intensity for each split. In each split, you will have workout phases, which are broken down over a stretch of five weeks. A total of 40 workouts are covered in the Mi40x program, each assigned a different day and duration. You will be taken through isometric holds, strip sets, CS-6 sets, intra-set stretching and partials.

Nutritional guide

A workout plan is not complete if not backed up by a concise nutritional guide. The Mi40x explains about the right pre- and post- workout diet and how one can vary meals to achieve specific goals as outlined in the program. The nutrient intake when training to achieve strength is different from when training for hypertrophy. Your insulin sensitivity will affect your nutrient intake, so you should first consult with your doctor for tests that will help you to choose the right split in the program.

Supplementation guide

The supplementation guide offers a list of essential supplements you should take regardless of whether you are working out or not. The MI40x supplementation guide also offers instructions based on pre-workout essentials, poor energy and sleep, losing fat, adjusting insulin sensitivity, workout recovery and boosting testosterone. The supplementation guide is covered extensively in 21 pages.